Single channel. 32:00.

A digital reworking of found super 8 pornography footage. The pixels are sampled and blurred in a vertical direction to create a hypnotic, wavering record of sexual activity. The obscured actors reflect anonymous forgotten histories, while the soundtrack builds slowly, combining harmonic nostalgic loops with whispered breathing and hurried gasps, sampled mainly from 1970's vocal recordings.

The video piece is shown on a vintage console television alongside a seelction of photos taken from the orignal Super 8 packaging, re-photographed and edited into grid patterns where their original context becomes scrambled.

"The image, stimulant and placebo, replaces the immediacy of interaction with the promise of fulfilled intentions. The economic barter: a flickering fixing bath of manifest fantasy is exchanged for a limitless appetite for loci on which to focus the libidinous gaze."

Gallery Press Release