Some Americans . 2005. Colour video with sound. 29:00

Audio: John Blue. Tim Blue

SOME AMERICANS- improvisations for guitar and analogue video.

Some Americans chronicles a particular set of mind in a post 9/11, post Afghanistan, post Iraq world. The tracks are built on four improvisations for electric and acoustic guitar, mutating the idea of Americana or Folk into a lament for the dead underfoot of expanding
globalization and military aggression. In particular it explores a place where American identity grasps for denied facts in order to locate itself in the midst of international atrocity.

The video, recorded at a recent residency at the Experimental Television Center in New York, was improvised live in response to the final audio mixes. Generated by using low voltage oscillators to create wave forms, these patterns of light drift across the screen, moving through soft subtle changes in luminance and chrominance.

Together, the sound and image form an unusual pairing. While the visual elements perhaps bring to mind work from abstract painting and Minimalism, their abstraction is rendered disquieting by the echoing Folk refrains and dislocated melodies.